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As you may already know, T.F is a Christian fellowship dedicated to reading/viewing, reflecting on, and discussing important books, articles, and video content. Since members are sometimes long distances from each other, the fellowship seeks to employ a process that works across the miles. Here's the basic process:

1) A monthly selection is announced on the website and shared via email with registered members. To allow time for book purchases (for some monthly selections), advance notice is given. Typically, the website will detail the current and next month's selection.

2) Registered members will receive a discussion/conversation guide for the selected materials. This will  typically be released during the first week of the month for use later that month. At this same time, the tentative days/times for the discussion (of the selected materials) is shared. Members are asked to RSVP to help with conversation planning.

3) Email updates, with reading/viewing thoughts, will be shared during the month to help members stay on-track and progress steadily in their reading, viewing, and reflection.

4) The scheduled conversation in support of the month's selection is then held. It will be facilitated via Zoom, MS Teams, or a similar online meeting platform. Members will be able to share their thoughts and debrief together. Two guiding questions will help close each conversation: "So what?" -- what does this mean and what do we take away? And, "Now what?" -- how can what we learned be in service to others? Finally, if a member is willing to capture meeting insights from the online conversation, these notes will be shared with participants, perhaps also becoming archived for later use. 

This is the general process that will guide across most selected materials and conversations, though we'll welcome flexibility when needed.

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