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While we're just getting started, we wanted to jump in with two short readings for February -- they're two addresses selected from the works of C.S. Lewis. The small book of addresses can be purchased from Amazon or we can email you with a link to a free PDF of this book -- after you register (and registration is free). 

The first address, The Weight of Glory, is a great opening read -- both for T.F'ers as they think about their faith and who they and others are, and as an opening 'introduction' for those of us participating together in reading, reflection, and conversation. 

The second address, The Inner Ring, while written in 1944 for college students, is entirely relevant as we see today's factions and identities that divide. It's also an essential cautionary note for us as we begin "thinking on purpose."

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Full disclosure: If you order through Amazon,  a commission of 4.5% helps support T.F.  Thank you!

After participants have registered (and please do so, it's free), a discussion guide for the two selected addresses will be emailed. Additionally, a late February schedule for joining a group conversation will be provided.

Since all of this is new to everyone, thank you for your patience as we work together to iron-out the early wrinkles! 

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