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MAY 2024 

For May, we’re still working on the selection of an important book for your reflection and group discussion. We can say that, given the turmoil in global politics and the unrest across the world, this is the moment to seek Biblical counsel and prayerful guidance on how to navigate and be effective in these challenging times.


Do stay tuned! We anticipate announcing the May selection in mid-April, providing you with enough time to read and reflect upon the selected materials, before we will gather for conversation in late May.

Thanks for your patience!

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Full disclosure: If you order through Amazon,  a commission of 4.5% helps support T.F.  Thank you!

Registered participants will receive a free discussion guide in early- to mid-May for the selected title. An end-of-May conversation will be announced to those who have registered, so be sure to register -- it's free as we continue to roll-out Thoughtful.Faith!

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