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MARCH 2024 

Here is our March selection -- Humilitas by Dr. John Dickson, a seasoned historian from down-under! The book can be ordered via the below link and it's a fairly quick read, with great insights to chew on. The reviewers on Amazon said:

"...if one is looking for a concise, persuasive call to humility that is grounded in historical inquiry, logical reasoning, sociological observation, and familiarity with the Christian faith, this is a great book to read."

"I encourage anyone working to build a better lifestyle with his fellow man to read this book and soak it in. It is well worth the time, and will perhaps save decades of unnecessary trial and error in life's dealings with people."

"Simply put, this book is an outstanding resource for those willing to acknowledge it's necessity."

"I never knew that I would so thoroughly enjoy a book on humility."

It's one of those books you'd probably never randomly purchase, but it's also why T.F seeks to exist as we, together, work to deepen our understandings (with perhaps surprising selections!) in love for our neighbor. Click on the book below for more info. 

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Full disclosure: If you order through Amazon,  a commission of 4.5% helps support T.F.  Thank you!

Registered participants will receive a free discussion guide in early- to mid-March for this amazing little book. Tuesday, March 26th (6:30 pm CST) is our scheduled day/time for group discussion (via Zoom) of Humilitas. Join us! 

Be sure to register -- it's free and you're needed as we continue to roll-out Thoughtful.Faith!

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