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APRIL 2024 

Our April topic and selection is The Great Dechurching by Jim Davis and Michael Graham. The research leading to this text comes from Dr. Ryan Burge, one of the most astute research academics in American Christianity today. 

The dechurching happening around us is stunning in number: We are experiencing the largest religious shift in U.S. history. 40 million adults (16 percent) in America today used to go to church but no longer do. (That's what's meant by "dechurching.") We need to know who these 40 million are, why they left, and what can be done to welcome them back.

This is the April focus for Thoughtful Faith and our Monday, April 29th group conversation. Here's what others are saying:

...the appeal of this book isn't just bound up in the data it shares, as valuable as that is. Graham and Davis offer much in the way of shrewd analysis of the data and sober reflection on what it means for the life of the church in America. That analysis and reflection both elevate the book and offer to followers of Jesus a vision for how the next chapter of the Christian movement in America can be better than the one now coming to a close. -- Jake Meador, editor-in-chief, Mere Orthodoxy

They [the authors] explain in great detail the reasons why these people have left. They in turn offer some real-life helpful suggestions to get those people back to church. Their solutions will surprise people. -- Amazon Reviewer


Join the conversation about dechurching: Order the book, register to receive the free discussion guide (and the Zoom invitation), and join in the free online April conversation (April 29th, 6:30 pm CDT) about dechurching. It's about 40 million people, plus you!

Full disclosure: If you order through Amazon,  a commission of 4.5% helps support T.F.  Thank you!

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